Monday, August 17, 2009

Wedding Bells are ringing... can you hear them?

Ok, so I actually figured out how to post pictures on here. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it was - read here, click there, and presto! Pictures up. So at the present time, I have been commissioned to do a job for a wedding. 250 fan petal programs. I plan on jazzing them up a bit, but here's what I've done so far.
I realize why companies charge $3/program for this format. It is a whole lot of work! Making sure everything is lined properly, etc. Sheesh! I was so excited about this design though, since it is a little unique. Since this current job has to be done by Thursday, I think I will just post final pics before I take them to the bride.

I have also begun a mock up for a wedding banner. I will post it as soon as everything is complete. So things are beginning to look up. I am proud of the strides that are being made daily. My next goal is to get as much publicity as possible. If you know someone who is looking to have items made for their wedding (or other event), please, think of me!


  1. Girl OMG those are so making me want to get married, LOL. But keep up the good work...I proud of you. You are doing something that makes you happy and people are willing to pay you for it.No too many people can say that. You go girl and don't look back. :-)

  2. LOL you are so silly! But really I do appreciate the support and words of encouragement. And when your special day comes, think of us!